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 What is a Writer (Just a small Part)

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PostSubject: What is a Writer (Just a small Part)   Fri Jan 18, 2008 5:40 pm

A Writer: Some 1 who Produces Story Lines, Simple 1 Liners, and has a large imagination.

The position "Writer" is new to Burning wow because we didn't have a need for them before. The introduction of a new funserver means we have a wide range of possibilities that we can develop on.

Writer will have there own section on the BwowDev forums. Theres a place to discuss make suggestions and a place to present your ideas. Your work will be based around Quest Developing. You will write the quests and the developers will Produce the NPC's and Codes.

Writers and Developers need to get a long like any Community. Without 1 the other 1 will not function.

As you progress in the Writers Rank, you will have the opportunity to Chose what kind of NPC will Hold your quest, What type of Quests you would like to make and if you want, you can chose the Rewards on witch the player Receives once completed.

To every Quest there lies a story. I will show you the steps on witch most of your work will surround.

Step I - The Story

This is where you show of your talents. Put in your head that More than 500 people will view your quest if it gets developed. This Part of the quest is the most important Step, If this Part is low quality the object that will follow will also be crap.
Step II - Objective

This part should be easy to work out after you have successfully built the story. You should already know Step II by reading Step I.
Step III - Reward

 The rewards will go through Kandyman or myself at this moment for the early stages.
Step IV - Conclusion

The Final Step. Once the player has completed there mission they should recieve a Good or Bad Message of completion. This message will not be the same for every quest. The state of Step I will make the end conclusion, meaning If its a Repeatable - chain Quest or Non Repeatable.

Writers Will also have Other jobs to do, other then quests.
These Jobs consist of Weapon and Armor Descriptions, Item Names, Npc Back grounds, Lore writing and much much more....

I will not reveal the other Jobs that Writers have. Sorry.
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What is a Writer (Just a small Part)
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