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PostSubject: [DEVELOPER] Ballsy   Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:43 pm

Hey all,
Well, im new here, but have known about burning wow from a friend in real life. I thought that this project would be a great learning experience for me, so i am deciding to Apply for a Developer Position.

Name: Matt Ball

Age: 23

Email: ball506@gmail.com

Experience in being a Dev: I am currently a Dev on a server called WoW The New Way, i focus on creating items and NPC's, implementing Quests into NPC's and making sure the Database is "Clean" (so to speak). although i am a dev for that server, they are not making much progress in the Xtremetop100 ladder, as far as i know, they are holding a steady 35th (roughly around 30 players online at average) So as you can see, i do have experience in being a dev. I am currently in University attending a 3 Year Computing Course, Focusing on SQL and C++, i am top of my class, and am hoping to be offered the chance to be put into the Honors Program (Working on a PHD)

Why i want to be a DEV: I think this would be a tremendous learning experience for me, it would help me in all aspects of my course, and (hopefully xD) it will inprove my chances of getting into the Honours Program. I think this servers is one of the best out there, i would love to be a part of the Shadowmoon Project on BW, i think i would be able to bring immense SQL knowledge to the server, not so much C++ as this is only my first year of learning, but i should be pretty confident with it in around 5 Months Smile

Previous Server Experience: as i said before WoW: The New Way

Thank you for reading,

Matthew Ball
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PostSubject: Re: [DEVELOPER] Ballsy   Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:47 pm

Sorry about the name, i didn't realise that i wasn't logged in Razz
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