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 [DEV] Wingfire's Application

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PostSubject: [DEV] Wingfire's Application   Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:35 am

- Name:

- Email Add:

- Position: Developer

- Previous Skills: I am currently taking a very in-depth C++ class in college. I have also had two less in-depth classes previously. I don't know the language incredibly well as of right now, however I am very comfortable with it and have my textbook to guide me along in the things I don't know. I've already read the whole thing and I can make out OK with coding. I also just got hired for a RL job coding, so I will be receiving extra experience from that as well. All that combined means I will be learning, but I will be learning quickly. I'm also a fast learner by nature.

[Dev]-Previous Server Experience: I did some Dev work with my previous server, but mainly in-game item placement to make special areas for the weekly events I held. I also did a lot of item design, implementation, and testing on that server. The server name was nWo WoW, but it's long gone.

- Reason For Applying: From the looks of it, this is going to be an incredibly fun and exciting experience. I am extremely bored with retail and have found other private servers lacking in innovation. I want to be a key part in the development of a cutting edge server. Also, I think that being a developer for a server would help me in school and work as I will be implementing the skills that both my schooling and future career will revolve around; game design and testing. All of these things combined I feel will make for a plesant experience, both for me and for this community.
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[DEV] Wingfire's Application
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