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 [Writer] DragonStorm

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PostSubject: [Writer] DragonStorm   Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:45 am



Position: Writer

Previous Skills: I am currently taking Creative Writing courses offered in my school. I've had to write many works including essay's and short stories. I have A's in my English/History courses which help because in these classes we also write many essay's. I have a wild imagination and I am known for it in my school. I come up with crazy idea's/fantasies for all different aspects on life.

Reason for Applying: I've been part of the Burning WoW Community for quite some time now and have become very interested in the Shadowmoon Project. I would like to donate my skills in the subject of Creative Writing to this Project. I also work very well with others considering there will be a team of Writers who have to work hand in hand with the Developers.

Thanks for your time Paul/Matis!
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[Writer] DragonStorm
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