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 [Writer] - Gnussef

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PostSubject: [Writer] - Gnussef   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:22 pm

Position: Writer

Previous Experience:
No real previous experience in writing, besides throughout High School(where a variety of teachers complemented my writing "style"). I will most likely need an American to go over my work, since I'll have a habit of spelling things the Canadian way, unless of course you prefer sweet spelling like "theatre" or "colour".

I consider my lack of "writing" to be a minor hindrance due to how quests work. I personally may not have to come up with the story line, and I could play off what others are writing, filling in gaps and possibly including side story etc. I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could come up with a story line of my own, it may just take me a little while longer.

Reasons for Applying:
I would like to contribute to something that I would be able to learn from, and have a visible product that I can say I helped make. I've had other experience in video games, which have somewhat shifted my interest into this project.

When I was younger I remember making Half-Life levels with no real point but to learn how the game worked. I usually ended up just making small levels which involved using other aspects of the game usually forgotten (like the many uses for ladders in that game, which I still haven't seen duplicated).

The other experience I was quite a bit older, and I had gotten a job testing Pariah, a game by Digital Extremes. Besides getting an eye for finding bugs, the writers and level designers would come to me for input on the game. For the most part they liked what I had to say, which makes ya feel all nice inside, and I got to feel like I contributed to something, even if that something was horribly un-succesful and almost destroyed the company.

So basically, I wanna help out, and try to make this a nice conversion of blizzard's work. I'd probably enjoy making obscure class quests that make you use those skills you forgot you have too.
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[Writer] - Gnussef
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