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 Developer experienced SQL application

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PostSubject: Developer experienced SQL application   Mon May 19, 2008 4:50 pm

Name: Jake

Age: 16

Email: Skill_rulez@hotmail.com

Position: Developer

Experience: SQL and SLyog, GM'n for 7months+, Live wow for 2years+, had my own private server

Reason(s) for Applying: I have experience in SQL and i saw this opportunity and i would love to try out, i would love to help out the burning wow community.

Since i have been playing wow since the release date i know a lot about it, and would love to use my knowledge in wow to improve your production

I notice that an opportunity like this never comes around often and i would like to use my skills with SqL to aid in the development of the server.

I am also a very active player, and i enjoy this area of work.

Thank you for taking your time to look at my application and i hope to hear from you soon Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Developer experienced SQL application   Mon May 19, 2008 4:53 pm

Hey Starar as in the druid on wow Frostmorne server ??? if so then wasup man how you been i havent been on retail on ages lol. But yea Good luck with you application yea hopefully you get in the more Skilled developers we have the faster we can get the server up lol hey cya around add my email its in my profile
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Developer experienced SQL application
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