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 [Writer] Mithranger

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PostSubject: [Writer] Mithranger   Fri May 09, 2008 7:21 am

Okay- I'm going to start off my application with a short story. Skip this if you don't want to hear it- it's mostly for those who knew me. Well, I was a more serious member of Burning WoW about a year back. I ended up applying for a writer position when we hit number two, and I won. Somehow. So there I was, an over-imaginative twelve year old with a dream come true. Unfortunately, even before I could really get the whole writing thing down, (so about five days into my writer position,) I had what some people may call a failure of internet. My dad, being the lazy person he is, forgot to pay the bill on the internet... for several months. So there I was, stuck on an internet-less computer... And the uninstall of World of Warcraft shortly followed. So after about four months of no internet, I had completely forgotten Burning WoW and the whole community here; the writer application I had once struggled to complete- just about everything. So several months passed by like that, until about two months ago, when the internet started working again... the debts were paid. I could live again! So then I spent most of my time just browsing- watching dumb yet funny videos on Youtube, listening to music, updating my iPod, etc. Until I found a Burning WoW 'commercial' on Youtube while browsing... I was like "Ohhhh yeah! That game I used to play!" -That was about a month ago. So I came back, re-introduced myself to the community, and started playing. Well just about twenty minutes ago, while browsing my inbox, I saw a message from Matis, entitled: "Regarding your application for BWoW writer" dated June fourth 2007. And just like that- I decided to go out and try for writer again.

So anyways, on with the application.

Name: Deal, Ramsey

Age: Thirteen

E-mail: Mithranger@aol.com or Hollow-mask@msn.com ---Try AOL e-mail first.

Previous Experience: Used to be a Burning WoW writer- June Eighteenth through unknown date- probably some time in 2007. Maybe early 2008. Account deleted due to inactivity. I also have done some high quality role-playing, such as writing 10-20 lines of quality, descriptive writing. Not just like: "Mithranger attacks the evil ninja!" -The way I would put it: "Mithranger turned slowly, preparing for the strike. He made every care not to step on the small twigs which adorned the forest floor like raindrops fell from heaven- in great quantities. He would not have all his hours of plotting go to waste. The ninja was close now, so close that Mithranger could see small clouds of the enemy's warm breath float into the air every time he exhaled. Then, with perfect execution, Mithranger leaped out of his cover and drove the red-hot knife he held into the ninja's neck, severing the windpipe and cutting off any hope of living the ninja previously had. Knowing the deed was done, Mithranger turned his back on the bleeding corpse, and walked away."

Reason for Applying: Quote taken directly from my Sent PMs folder- dated June Third, 2007. Exactly twenty days before internet failed. "Yes, but the thing is, then i won't be a writer, and I won't be an important part of the server at all! Thats my ultimate goal. I'll never be a gm, I'll never be able to donate. This is my chance!!" -I have always wanted to help out the server, but I'm not rich- I can't donate. Writing is something that comes easy to me, and I would like to use my abilities to aid the server which I always have, and will be a part of.

If any further information is needed, please just post something and I will modify my post to include whatever you need.

-Ramsey (Mithranger)
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[Writer] Mithranger
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