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 What is your favorite food?

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PostSubject: What is your favorite food?   Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:04 pm

I got bored and decided to post a thread on food. Rawr Rawr Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Grom Grom. Grom. Grumble Grom. <<<<why do I do this? Because...

Hmm. What be people's favorite foods? I personally enjoy lusciously devouring a pepperoni pizza while sipping my delightful Pepsi. It's either that or /grom 'ing vanilla ice-cream mixed with hot cocoa mix to form the best kind of ice cream; mine. As for candy, Hot Tamales work out quite nicely. In game, I prefer Telaari grapes. (again, bored....)

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What is your favorite food?
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