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 [Writer] Libra18

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PostSubject: [Writer] Libra18   Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:07 am

Name : Gabriel
Age : 17-18
Talents : well i don t really like talkin abt what i can and cannot do , but i can send u some ideas and u ll be the judge of my experience , but i m creative , imagination that can be turned on and off whenever i want lol , i have great ideas for some quests . And one more thing i have some ideas for the beggar problems , and some ideas abt something that will remind the members of the Lunar Festival but even better .( ps : i m online on my pocket pc as in i m not addicted to the laptop just to internet lol so i ll be replying to the messages and sending replies real quick )

Ah yes and some samples for quests :
Druid quest : Welcome , the druids have been to outland & they have seen the horrors that are ripping nature apart , and i must say we are worried of the Prince's actions , he seeks to harvest fel energies so he can replenish his thirst for magick and to reclaim his throne as rightful king , but he must be stopped , outland may be hard to cure but it s corruption cannot be allowed to reach Azeroth . As a druid you have to protect nature and it s creatures , I will not ask much ,all i need is for u to get me samples of those energies so i can study them and perhaps even , with nature's help , find a cure to abolish this cancer .

Mage : Welcome to the circle , you honor us with your presence , u have done well proceeding with your training and you have one last thing to prove to us and most importantly to yourself . As u know we Magi work with three different types of energies : frost , fire & arcane , well frost and fire balance eachother as they are opposites in every way , but the true challenge is with the Arcane , if u wanna be a Real magi you must learn the secrets of the arcane , how it represents a balance between dark and light between good and evil , Bring me 2 arcane pieces the first from the vicious agents of the legion in Shadowmoon valley , and the other from the magestic fields of Moonglade .--------> when the quest is finished --------> You look at the pieces as they get closer to eachother until they group and form a perfect balance of opposite energies.

Hope u like the samples .
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[Writer] Libra18
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