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 [Developer] Application

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PostSubject: [Developer] Application   Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:47 am

- Name:

- Email Add:

- Age: 17

- Position: Developer

[Dev]-Previous Server Experience: Ran Fire and Ice WoW server for a time. I did all of the custom NPC's on my server, along with custom items, armor, mounts, ect... The server is now off line though, do to hosting issues. I spent a large time familiarizing myself with MySQL, Although I used SQLyog for my server, I could easily switch to Navicat. I am proficient in C++.
I also know bits of other languages to note, ruby, vbasic (not much), and a small amount of Java.

- Reason For Applying: For the longest time I haven't played WoW. My whole intention on starting up my server, is that I wanted to actually influence the way that people played this game. The game has lost most of it's luster for me, but I enjoyed running my server like you wouldn't believe. It's just something about me being able to create something, and it actually affect people in-game.
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[Developer] Application
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